Images API

Device Pixel Ratio dpr

Specify the device pixel ratio. Device pixel ratio is the ratio between the physical and logical pixels in the device.

A device pixel ratio of 2 will result in doubling the pixels of the image. If we specify width=300&dpr=2 as params we will get an image with a width of 600 pixels.

This parameter is useful to adapt images to devices with different screen pixel density (i.e. Apple Retina display).


This parameter accepts integer values in the range 1 to 8.

  • 1: Minimum device pixel ratio.
  • 8: Maximum device pixel ratio.

The default value of this parameter is 1.


Specify a width of 400 pixels and a device pixel ratio of 2 with the params width=400 and dpr=2 will result in an image with 800 pixels width:

Woman holding a camera with a device pixel ratio of 2 using dpr parameter.
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