Images API

Microsoft Azure Storage Sources

Sources of type Microsoft Azure Storage allow imglab to access resources on a specific Microsoft Azure container of file folder.

To explore how Images API URLs are used for Azure Storage Sources please take a look to the serving images documentation section.

To generate a Microsoft Azure Storage source follow these steps:

  1. On imglab go to Sources section and click on Add Source.
  2. Set a valid Name.
  3. On Security section select if the source will use secured requests or not.
  4. On Type section select Microsoft Azure Storage type.

Microsoft Azure Storage Settings

Under Microsoft Azure Storage Settings you will see some attributes specific to this type of source:

  • Account Name (required): the name of your storage account on Microsoft Azure.
  • Storage Type (required): the type of storage that you will use. If you are using containers if should be Blob Storage (Container), if instead you are using Azure File Shares it should be File Storage (Folder).
  • Container (required): the name of the container or file share folder name in you Azure Storage account.
  • SAS Token (required): a Shared Access Signature Token generated with the expected permissions to access your resources (please follow the section How to generate SAS Tokens on Microsoft Azure for further instructions).
  • Prefix (optional): a path prefix that will be added to access objects in the container or file folder, useful if you want to scope the source to a specific prefix.

How to generate SAS Tokens on Microsoft Azure

Once you have your Microsoft Azure container of file share folder up and working you need to generate a valid SAS Token to be used with imglab.

Please follow these steps to generate one:

  1. On you Microsoft Azure account console go to Security + Networking -> Shared access signature.
  2. On Allowed services select Blob or File depending on the storage type that you are using.
  3. On Allowed resource types select Container and Object only.
  4. On Allowed permissions select Read and List only.
  5. On Start and expiry date/time change end date to some date in the future.
  6. Click on Generate SAS and connection string.
  7. Copy the content of the SAS Token input and paste it on your new Microsoft Azure Storage imglab source form.