Images API

Web Sources

Sources of type Web allow imglab to access resources on a specific Web address.

To explore how Images API URLs are used for Web Sources please take a look to the serving images documentation section.

To generate a Web source follow these steps:

  1. On imglab go to Sources section and click on Add Source.
  2. Set a valid Name.
  3. On Security section select if the source will use secured requests or not.
  4. On Type section select Web type.

Web Source Settings

Under Web Settings you will see some attributes specific to this type of source:

  • Base URL (required): a valid and absolute HTTP or HTTPS URL where the source will get their resources. (e.g https://www.myorganization.com/images).
  • Prefix (optional): a path prefix that will be added to access resources in the base URL, useful if you want to scope the source to a specific prefix.